Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Our most requested service is now available! New and seasoned investors know how costly a commercial real estate mistake can be, so we now offer one-on-one sessions for our clients to ask anything and everything related to commercial real estate ownership and financing, even if you don't have a property yet. You may select one of two senior team members for your Q&A session, both of which have at least 15 years of direct commercial real estate industry experience and have been at Commercial Loan Direct for 10+ years.

Our Managing Directors
Leanne Eicoff

Managing Director

Fernando Martin, a Commercial Real Estate Consultant
Fernando Martin

Managing Director

How It Works

Once you have booked your session, a questionnaire will be sent to you to prior to your appointment so we can make sure to cover all the topics you need assistance with. Sessions that are at least 30 minutes will also receive any paid resources that your Advisor believes will assist you after your appointment at no additional charge. Not sure what to book? Email us at [email protected] for assistance in choosing the session right for you.

15 Min Session

Quick Session

$250 / session

Good For
  • Seasoned investors with a very targeted question regarding a specific topic.
  • Any investor that needs help on 1-2 specific topics to help "fill in the blanks"
  • A busy seasoned investor with limited time to research, but who needs basic info
  • Borrowers already in pre-closing with another lender that feel they need a second opinion on their loan.
  • Borrowers that already have financing, but need help understanding a feature of it (i.e. prepay penalty, swap, etc.)
Not Good For
  • Specific Loan Quotes
  • Recommendations that require an underwriting
  • Overly general questions that would take longer than 15 mins to answer
30 Min Session

Most Popular

$485 / session

Good For
  • Individuals that have several questions regarding the purchase or financing of a particular property
  • Covering 3-5 in-depth questions regarding either real estate investment or financial products
  • Investors with some experience that need a refresher on analysis or financing aspects of owning commercial real estate
Not Good For
  • Specific Loan Quotes
  • Recommendations that require an underwriting
  • An A-Z rundown on buying, financing, and owning commercial real estate
45 Min Session


$695/ session

Good For
  • New investors that have several questions about buying their first commercial property
  • New investors transitioning from Residential to Commercial real estate that need help understanding all of the differences
  • Any investors that want personalized recommendations on financing options based on investment strategy and returns requirements (will include basic returns analysis template and mortgage amortization calculator in Excel format)
Not Good For
  • Specific Loan Quotes
  • Recommendations that require an underwriting
  • Several General Questions
  • An A-Z rundown on buying, financing, and owning commercial real estate
Need More Time?

Need more time, a session package, or a specialized analysis? Contact us at [email protected] for individualized pricing.

* Advisory fees are eligible for a credit of up to $500 towards closing costs for any financing closed with our company after your session.

Need Ready to Book?

Check out our free resources and come back later to book your appointment.

What Clients Say About Us

Our Reviews

Modern Office Building
Fernando and Leanne are Amazing

Fernando and Leanne are amazing. I had many small businesses that need refinancing over the years. I have met many Brokers and there is always a catch. ALWAYS!… Use them! Once you do you will work with them forever

- Nirav Patel

Modern Office Building
She Took Care of All My Needs

If you searching for a great experience Commercial Loan Direct is the place. Leanne took care of me and honestly had the greatest experience. She handled all of my needs in a smooth and timely manner listened and addressed any concerns I had about the process and was very patient. I can be quite a handful at times and Leanne was so professional and kind hearted. I'd 100% recommend this company. Thank you again.

- Vincent Arias

Modern Office Building
Wealth of Information

Fernando is a wealth of information and was very helpful. Highly recommend

- James

Modern Office Building
Commercial Loan Direct Streamlined the Whole Process

We were in unfamiliar territory when it came to refinancing. Commercial Loan Direct streamlined the whole process for us. Leann connected us with lenders that were the right fit for us. The money and time we saved was so worth it. I highly recommend them

- Rita Pisarski